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August 2015


Taking the elephants for a little drinks break after breakfast, before we took them off for a good old spa session, with mud bath and body scrub included.

Slathering mud on an elephant while half-heartedly trying to avoid it spraying you with water is an excellent way to cool off from Chiang Mai’s humid summer heat.


Review: Flying long haul with Norwegian Air

As part of my spending-as-little-money-as-possible plan, I booked my flights to Bangkok with Norwegian Air, a budget airline that I’ve previously only flown with to Finland. I spent a total of £165 to get from London to Bangkok, so I expected to be roughing it a bit – especially since I decided against hold luggage (about £40 to add, £20 for each leg of the flight) and other little extras like food, which I decided was not necessary for £25.

Well, I have been completely and surprisingly delighted with my experience so far. Continue reading “Review: Flying long haul with Norwegian Air”

How much did you say?!? An essential guide to cheap travel in the UK

The UK, and London especially, are well-known as expensive places to travel. So as a Londoner who has travelled a lot within the UK and is always looking for a bargain, I thought it might be useful to share some advice on how to travel cheaply within the UK.

Continue reading “How much did you say?!? An essential guide to cheap travel in the UK”

Resfeber: with two days to go, this word nails how I’m feeling

Resfeber (n.) the restless race of the traveller’s heart before the journey begins, when anxiety and anticipation are tangled together

Continue reading “Resfeber: with two days to go, this word nails how I’m feeling”

Dancing in the streets

On my very first day in Cusco there was a huge traditional festival taking place around the Plaza de Armas.

Huge groups of young people from local villages and communities had arrived in the city, decked out in their finest traditional dress, and were parading around in groups followed by trumpets, drums and pan-pipes (of course), showing off various dances.

Continue reading “Dancing in the streets”

Swinging off the edge of the world

So it’s become a bit of a cliche – but it’s easy to see why! 

After meeting up with a travel buddy once more in Baños (de Agua Santa), Ecuador, we decided to be intrepid and walk up the mountain-side to the famous ‘swing at the end of the world’. We had a map drawn on a scrap of paper by someone we cornered in the food market, but the gist seemed to be to just head up. It’s impossible to get lost when you don’t have a plan in the first place, so I am still adamant that we didn’t get lost.  Continue reading “Swinging off the edge of the world”

This was just so cool – I camped out in the wilderness near Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where I got to learn about this amazing plant. It grows around a healthy tree, working its way up the trunk and developing this intricate lattice pattern as the branches coil their way around, until it eventually kills the original tree. The dead tree then rots and decomposes away – very quickly since there are a lot of bugs around here – and leaves just the parasitic shell, which is strong enough to stand on its own.

It was about a metre wide inside, and the branches were perfectly placed for easy peasy climbing. I reckon I made it to about 10m up before taking this picture – I started to hear rustling near my head and freaked out a bit at the very real prospect of startling a little colony of bats as they napped.

As part of my having to make the most of all the food in the UK before I bugger off plan, I had the most perfect pub lunch with a couple of friends. We munched our way through a collection of mouthwatering Sunday roasts – the pork belly and the lamb shank – accompanied by roasties, parsnip crisps, yorkshire puds, gravy and all the other necessary trimmings. British pub grub at its finest. And obviously we managed some chocolate and salted caramel tarts for after..

Marrakesh Memories

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