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September 2015

Spring is a-coming (for the second time this year..)

One of the strangest things about being in Christchurch, NZ, is getting used to the seasons being all flipped around. I’m used to associating daffodils, newborn lambs, and sunnier days with March (or, maybe more realistically in the UK, April/May/June..). Continue reading “Spring is a-coming (for the second time this year..)”


Ninja Teppan Burger: A winner at the Christchurch Farmer’s Market

Markets – especially ones based around food – are some of my favourite things in the world. 

So, given that we just had a beautifully sunny spring weekend in Christchurch, I managed to check out two of them: the Christchurch Farmers Market and the Sunday market at The Commons.

Continue reading “Ninja Teppan Burger: A winner at the Christchurch Farmer’s Market”

Job-hunting on a working holiday visa in Christchurch: the story so far

I’ve now been in NZ for around 2 weeks. I’ve managed to find somewhere to live with fun flatmates, got to know my way around town a bit, joined a salsa group, found some favourite cafes for blogging from, visited a few markets, and am starting to feel vaguely settled. Continue reading “Job-hunting on a working holiday visa in Christchurch: the story so far”

Hearty moussaka and lamb kleftiko at Costas Taverna, Christchurch.

The crumbling, salty feta cheese and big hunks of lamb, slowly baked in that delicious sauce until they were falling apart, made the kleftiko my favourite. Continue reading “Hearty moussaka and lamb kleftiko at Costas Taverna, Christchurch.”

Discovering iced coffee, kiwi-style

Ok, so it might look like a weird lumpy hot chocolate but this, dear readers, is an iced coffee, kiwi-style. Possibly my favourite discovery so far: the kiwis take iced coffees – already one of my summer faves – to a whole new level. They add ice-cream as standard. It’s not even an option to just have, you know, a standard coffee over ice. Continue reading “Discovering iced coffee, kiwi-style”

Christchurch: the good, the bad and the ugly

So guess what!? I’m in New Zealand!

I completely and utterly failed at the first hurdle of travel blogging – would I keep going while actually on the road..?

Continue reading “Christchurch: the good, the bad and the ugly”

Cafes of Christchurch: C1 espresso

I was taken to this Christchurch classic yesterday, promised by NZ boy that I’d like it, and he wasn’t wrong. C1 espresso looks a bit like a child was allowed to make over their parents’ fancy library, but in the best way possible. Continue reading “Cafes of Christchurch: C1 espresso”

Georgetown wandering: the multi-cultural jewel of Penang

I spent the last couple of days wandering around Georgetown, popping into quirky little cafes and having way too many street-food-breaks. Although it was a whole lot quieter than I thought it would be, it’s a great place to explore and spend a couple of days, with a seriously mixed-up cultural heritage reflecting the long history of migration to Malaysia. Continue reading “Georgetown wandering: the multi-cultural jewel of Penang”

Chiang Mai food: oh how I love you

I spent a speedy 3 days in Chiang Mai, one of my favourite places in Thailand, and did my previous trip proud by just mostly eating all day long and well into the eve.

There are multiple markets in the chilled, temple-filled city but my favourite has to be the one at the entrance to Tha Pae gate. Continue reading “Chiang Mai food: oh how I love you”

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