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After trying really hard to find something useful to be good at, it looks like my calling in life is to travel and eat


November 2015

5kg of happiness

A happy throwback to summer in Finland.

Waking up to the beautiful smell and sight of 5kg of strawberries, and knowing that in the heat of summer they wouldn’t last more than a few days. 

Which means that we had to get started right there and then.


18,964 km of lonely

I’m almost 19,000km from home, and for the first time in ages I have really felt it this week.

I’ve travelled a lot before, and been away from my family and friends for up to 6 months, and so I didn’t think that my move to NZ would be much different. Sure, I’d been a bit homesick before – normally kickstarted by things like not being able to spend time with my newborn niece, or missing my cousin’s wedding – and I’d had that general sense of loneliness you sometimes get when you haven’t spoken to a single person who has known you for more than a week in waaay too long.  Continue reading “18,964 km of lonely”

The many blues of Lake Tekapo

Tekapo was as beautiful and piercingly blue as I’d been promised, especially with a reasonably clear sky and the just-about-snow-capped mountains hovering in the background.

We accidentally timed our visit for the opening of the new pedestrian bridge that links the touristy part of town to where the lovely old church that helped create such a tourist spot sits, and got some of the first photos from this new viewpoint 🙂

Life on the Lake #5: Fir Tree Sunset

We took the boat over to the nearest shop – it’s a lot easier than driving on the roads that wrap around each of the lakes – to pick up some cold drinks for that evening’s sauna, and were rewarded with a beautiful setting sun peeking out from behind the fir trees on our return journey. Just gorgeous.

Life on the Lake #4: Fishing Time

A fishing boat lies on the reeds by the still lake, and just after I take the picture three men climb into the boat, rods in hands, and set off for an afternoon lazing under the warm August sun with a beer or six and minimal conversation.

Tramping Part #1: Avalanche Peak

Last weekend was a long one thanks to Labour Day – something that not a single Kiwi could actually explain the meaning of for me – and so along with a couple of friends of NZ boy (and him of course!) we headed off for my first taste of tramping in NZ. Continue reading “Tramping Part #1: Avalanche Peak”

Canoeing on the river Avon

I was treated to a little canoe trip on the river Avon, which runs right through Christchurch city. Continue reading “Canoeing on the river Avon”

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