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December 2015

A Kiwi Wonder: Fresh Fruit FroYo

Another of my favourite food discoveries in Kiwilandia – anyone spot the theme? – is the fresh fruit frozen yoghurt. It’s honestly just pure magic, and completely blew my mind the first time I had one.

They just grab a load of frozen yoghurt – or ice-cream if you’re feeling more indulgent – and whichever berries you feel like having that day, and chuck them into this magic whizzer that then squirts the perfection out into a yummy waffle cone. Pure joy in the sunshine.

I don’t understand why this hasn’t made it to the UK yet but if I ever plan on returning, I’ll be bringing one with me 🙂 hello future career.


Transylvanian Chimney Cakes

I’d never even heard of these before but we discovered them down at the Sunday Market on The Commons and just had to taste them.

They’re made by wrapping long strips of sweet bread around a tube, and then baking – the bread rises slightly and sticks together to form a long sweet tube of deliciousness, rolled in chocolate, cinnamon, or whatever other deliciousness you have to hand. 

Tiger Flowers

I’m sure that’s not what they’re really called but oh well.

Possibly my favourite part of my job is picking the wild flowers to make little bunches for the tables, and I’m currently obsessed with these ones that have a splash of tiger print across them. 


Chocolate Heaven in Queenstown

So we wandered past Koko Black on day 1 in Queenstown and I vowed to go back post-Marathon (..ok, half marathon..) and stuff myself silly.

In the end I opted for a kiddies tasting plate and it did not disappoint. Consisting of an incredible chocolate mousse, perfect chocolate ice-cream, and a choco bear just made for dipping into a fluffy (a babyccino to anyone not fluent in kiwi!) it was just divine, and such a brilliant post-run treat.

Tramping Part #2: Batch Life

After a strenuous but absolutely gorgeous first day of tramping, followed by a nourishing meal of fish and chips from the local chippie, we were trying to decide where we would rest our weary heads that night. Continue reading “Tramping Part #2: Batch Life”

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