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January 2016

Japanese Joy at Sakimoto

Me and NZ boy wandered past this super central little restaurant  – Sakimoto – one evening and it was so busy that we figured we had to give it a go – and boy were we right.

So we might have gone a bit overboard with the food – we were hungry and excited – but I’m so glad about it. Because everything was so delicious. What did we have?

Delicate tempura squid, perfect for dipping into little bowls of soy sauce.

Squishy chargrilled aubergine, with the perfect crunchy skin, swimming in miso.

Dark, sticky teriyaki chicken with a zingy fresh salad.

And… a sashimi and caviar bowl. Oh. My. God. Words really can’t describe how delicate and buttery the salmon was or how the caviar bowls burst between your teeth like a little shot of salty fishy yumminess.

Please, just go there!


Split Apple Rock

We made a little detour on our recent South Island road trip to see the ‘split apple rock’ near Kaiteriteri – without realising there was also a gorgeous little beach to be enjoyed once you were there.

It’s definitely worth a visit, especially if you want a bit more peace and quiet than is found at Kaiteri.

You can even scramble over the craggy rocks at the end of the beach – watch out for the sea spray! – and have your own private beach, so it’s a pretty perfect days getaway. Just remember lots of drinks and snacks as there’s nothing but beach down there 🙂


Gathering Memories

I’m starting to pack up my life after pretty much exactly 4 months in Christchurch, and I’m once again surprised by how much I’ve managed to gather in such a short space of time. Continue reading “Gathering Memories”

Spectrum: Christchurch’s Street Art Festival

I spent a few rainy hours wandering round the brand-new street art festival, Spectrum, at Christchurch’s YMCA.

It’s well worth a look, showcasing lots of local and international graffiti artists – including a few cheeky nods to some more familiar (to me) works like UK artist Banksy’s little monkey man. Or the cartoon characters that can be seen decorating the walls of the city’s ruined areas.

Love this fencing – ewe are not alone 🙂

Good inspiration from the sheep of NZ!

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