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February 2016

Finding Mount Doom

Alternative title for less ‘Lord of the Rings’-obsessed people:

Taking on The Tongariro Crossing

Kicking off the LOTR themed part of my trip around the North Island, I decided with travel mates to face up to the very popular Tongariro Crossing: a 20-ish km hike that mostly just went up for about 10km, and then went back down for the remaining part.

The main, distinguishing feature of this hike? That you get to stroll RIGHT PAST MOUNT DOOM. You know, Mount Doom.. in whose fiery pits the one ring was forged.. Continue reading “Finding Mount Doom”


The World’s Coolest McDonald’s?

It’s a pretty big claim, but we stumbled upon what claims to be the coolest MaccyDs in the world – and I personally would have to agree.

But then, I get excited when they have those play places with crazy slides attached, so I’m possibly not always the best measure of coolness..

Once you’ve ordered your lunch, you can take it over to the FULL-SIZED AIRPLANE parked in the garden (next to the kids play area.. don’t give in to the temptation..) and enjoy that salty fatty goodness while sitting on a cool custom seat inside. Winning.


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