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March 2016

April 2015: Birthdays and Bristol Love

Having decided to quit my PhD, I really needed some extra money – and something to keep me from going insane until I actually finished the work I was doing. So I got my first job in a cafe, and it was the most fun, beautiful place that I could imagine working.

Perched right on the Bristol waterfront, I got an (almost) daily swan-feeding, sunset-appreciating break from a job that I actually loved, however draining it was. And I got to look at the SS Great Britain everyday..


I also celebrated my birthday in style. Sitting on a sunny hilltop in Bristol, watching hot-air balloons float by, and drinking local cider with a bunch of friends – nothing can beat it really.

And I realised that getting a year older is not a remotely negative thing when you’ve got so many adventures planned for your new 25-year-old self!

This post is part of a series reminiscing about the past year – the one year of wandering I’ve done since starting my blog – during which I’ve flipped my life around a fair bit.

Read the original post here!


Hello Hobbiton!

So all the way back in January – it seems a lifetime ago now that I’m writing this in Colombia! – my Lord of the Rings (sorry.. I mean North Island..) tour continued with a wee trip to Hobbiton.

And it was magic. Continue reading “Hello Hobbiton!”

A Secret Swimming Spot, Filandia

When I first saw a place called Filandia on a map of Colombia I knew I’d have to go there. I’m half Finnish, and in Spanish Finland = Finlandia – it may seem like a spurious connection but it got me excited! Continue reading “A Secret Swimming Spot, Filandia”

Colibri-spotting in the Valle de Cocora

I’m not really into bird-watching, but it was pretty great to have this little dude hovering around me while I was having a well-deserved chocolate break at the summit of this trek around the Valle de Cocora.

He (she?) was flitting around the bright flowers, wings fluttering away so fast while he fed that all I could make out was an iridescent green-blue blur until he perched on the fence for a little rest.

It was definitely the best pic that I was going to get in the circumstances.. plus I like the flowers surrounding it 🙂

March 2015: Brasilian beaches and decision time

I finally decided for definite to quit the PhD after a perfect break from real life, where I had the chance to remember how great beach life is, in Florianopolis. Continue reading “March 2015: Brasilian beaches and decision time”

One Year of Wandering

I can’t quite believe it but I started my blog a whole year ago!

In some ways it feels so recent – I haven’t posted anywhere near as much as I planned to, so it kind of seems like the blog has been alive for less time than an entire 365 days.

But in another way, it seems like absolutely aaages ago that I first crafted my “about me” page with the plans to quit my PhD, and run away to New Zealand as the first big step of my life as a bit of a nomad. Continue reading “One Year of Wandering”

Life on the Lake #6

Just… whaaaaaat!!

A ridiculously beautiful sunset that needs no words.

Except to say that it reminds me of The Lion King for some reason – must be a sunset going on there at some point!

Menu del Día

My first “menú” of the trip.

Colombians, and south Americans in general, love these two-course set lunches – sometimes called “corriente” in neighbouring lands – that work out crazily cheap compared to buying off a menu.

They tend to include a vegetable-based soup, a meat-and-rice-based main, and a nice fresh drink of some sort for a bargain price.

Today I had a vegetable pasta soup, followed by a small side salad, rice, meat, yummy mixed vegetables (a rare luxury here..) and delicious maduro – baked or fried sweet plantain. All washed down with some deliciously fresh strawberry juice.

The best thing? It was 5,500 pesos. So something like £1.25 for all three courses 🙂

A Taste of Girardot

One of my first dinners in Girardot.. a delicious “callentado” = rice and beans, minced meat, fried egg, plantain and a little arepa to soak up all the juices..

It was AMAZING but also so ridiculously filling that I’m getting prepared for having to roll myself back home eventually. Oh well!

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