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After trying really hard to find something useful to be good at, it looks like my calling in life is to travel and eat


April 2016

Lemur Lunchbreak

“Hey dudes, I’m too hungover for this today. Instead of.. you know.. hanging around in trees and doing other lemur things should we just chill here..?”

“Sounds good man.”

“Ugh yea.. I just wanna let my tail hang loose for once..”

That is the exact conversation I imagined happening below me as I took this shot of 4 ring-tailed lemurs hanging out on a little scaffolding stoop below my feet.

It reminds me of that shot of workers on the empire state building stopping for lunch, albeit maybe a tiiiiny bit less epic 🙂


July 2015: Packed with Reunions

By some excellent stroke of luck July, the month before I jetted off on my who-knows-how-long-I’ll-be-gone trip to New Zealand, was packed with little reunions that I had to make very little effort to organise, giving me some great opportunities to see people I hadn’t managed to catch up with in years. Continue reading “July 2015: Packed with Reunions”

May 2015: Time is Ticking

It seems like nothing much happened in May..

I just kept super busy trying to tie up all the loose ends of my old life – trying to get a paper published, presenting at a conference, handing work over to other students. And spent a lot of time wandering round a sunny Bristol trying to make the most of this gorgeous city – while also starting to get excited about the new life I was about to start!

I bought a brilliant map of New Zealand and marked exciting places on it.. Got busy buying bags and travelling gear, as well as a beautiful new leather diary that I still haven’t written in because I am waiting to be struck by something worthy of such nice paper. Sensible, right?

Oh, and a quick weekend trip to Finland for my cousins wedding; the most peaceful place ever, where for once I didn’t need to think about whether I was doing the right thing, or wake up thinking I might be a bit mad for quitting my PhD.

Overall, this was the month of the calm before the storm.. boring, but necessary!

This post is part of a series reminiscing about the past year – the one year of wandering I’ve done since starting my blog – during which I’ve flipped my life around a fair bit.

Read the original post here!

La Ciudad Perdida: Finding The Lost City

I’ve always been a bit of an Indiana Jones fan, so when I heard about a ‘lost city’ in Colombia that was still actually fairly lost – think a long dusty multi-day trek rather than huge tour buses arriving at the gates – I was determined to go. Continue reading “La Ciudad Perdida: Finding The Lost City”

The (Un-)Organised Chaos of Teaching in Colombia

I´m one week into actually teaching at my new school in Colombia, and I´m starting to realise just how.. let´s say flexible.. the timetable is.

At the moment I find it funny rather than hugely frustrating – maybe it´s something to do with finding my inner zen at my hilarious new zumba classes – but it´s definitely going to take some getting used to. Continue reading “The (Un-)Organised Chaos of Teaching in Colombia”

Mountain climbing for dummies: Day 3 of Huayna Potosi

Read about the first 2 days leading up to this here and here – just to get an idea of how ill-prepared and unfit I was for day 3’s big climb.

All caught up? Please read on to find out if I made the summit..

Continue reading “Mountain climbing for dummies: Day 3 of Huayna Potosi”

It’s Bled-dy Beautiful!

A throwback to my Interrailing trip of 2009, when we visited Slovenia’s famous Lake Bled one moody summers day. 

A gorgeously quick and violent storm blew in while we were trekking up to the castle on the hill, soaking us through, before the clouds cleared enough to take this quick pic of the stunning little church-on-an-island that has made Bled so popular.


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