The Wandering Dropout

After trying really hard to find something useful to be good at, it looks like my calling in life is to travel and eat


June 2016

Falling in Love with Colombia

This song is basically one big advert for Colombia, and it works on me every time.

If I’m having a dog day or feeling down, I just need to dance around my room to this song and I remember that I’m living in a ridiculously incredible, vibrant and beautiful country.


August 2015: Back to Basics in Finland

In August I went off to stay at my gran’s summer cottage in the lake area of central Finland – two weeks of pure, unconnected, back-to-basics, good old fashioned living.

Continue reading “August 2015: Back to Basics in Finland”

Filandia: a hotbed of coffee and Willies

The colonial architecture of Filandia, a gorgeous wee town in the coffee region of Colombia, is stunning. Particularly since almost everything in this sleepy town is painted in vibrant colours and set against a backdrop of sparkling emerald hills. Continue reading “Filandia: a hotbed of coffee and Willies”

The Valle de Cocora: rolling hills and giant palms

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