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After trying really hard to find something useful to be good at, it looks like my calling in life is to travel and eat


July 2016

Tayrona: Helloooo Paradise

Imagine endless yellow-sanded beaches being lapped at by sparkling blue waves. Add some lush, green jungle rising from the sea to eventually end in the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range – the world’s closest-to-the-sea mountain range. Continue reading “Tayrona: Helloooo Paradise”


Santa Marta: The (Unpolished) Jewel of the Caribbean

So, everyone knows that Cartagena is beautiful. The old city is gorgeous. There is cool street art, great food, and a bazillion tourists milling around taking photos of colourful colonial houses dripping in climbing flowers for good reason.

But you know what? It’s definitely not my favourite stop along the Caribbean coastline of Colombia. That honour, without a doubt, goes to Santa Marta. Continue reading “Santa Marta: The (Unpolished) Jewel of the Caribbean”

Introducing.. The Granadilla

So it looks like frogspawn inside.. but that sweet, gloopy mess filled with crunchy little seeds is one of the most delicious things you could ever try. 

I don’t have school today – thanks to the extreme work-aversion found in Colombia’s public school system – so I’m sat enjoying a late breakfast of fruit and iced coffee and promising myself that I’ll write some proper blog posts today.

If I write it in public I have to do it right?

Long live the granadilla ❤

Blogging Breaks

I realised today I haven’t even attempted to blog in over a month, the longest time since I made this blog over a year ago. Oops.

Actually, it coincided with me having probably the most exciting break of my time in Colombia – 3 weeks of pure, backpacker-style travelling after living like a local for so long. 

Ironically it also coincided with my phone exploding in a mess of over-heated metal (thank you, Girardot, and please spare my laptop) and my camera disappearing from the bedroom of a friend’s flat so my photos of the trip are severely limited to what I can pilch off others.

Travel blogging at its finest.

So keep your eyes peeled for some peeks at backpacker life on the Caribbean coast of Colombia (hint: think lots of ridiculously beautiful beaches, piña coladas, happy brownies and sun-drenched days full of happiness) and a couple of more dodgy updates from the less wholesome streets of Medellín.

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