I’m a 25-year old Londoner who has spent the last 5-ish years trying really hard to work out what my calling in life is – I’ve toyed with fundraising, teaching English, working in a trendy start-up, academia, medical conversions, being a shot girl, and am currently 7 months into a PhD in Epidemiology, with very little idea of how I got here or where I am going with it.

Alongside all of this, I have done a lot of travelling and lot of eating, and I’ve worked out that those are two things that I really am passionate about. Not in a cover-letter kind of way, but actually really passionate about. If you asked me what I’d do with my last few weeks on Earth, it would involve jungle, mountains, sea, sun and a shit-ton of food.

So I’ve finally (just about) come to peace with the idea that I don’t need a calling in life. Or not yet at least. As long as I’m hurting no-one, and not being a massive burden on my family, why should I not travel and eat for as long as my money will last. And then save up some more, and do it all again. This sounds like a perfect life plan to me.

As things stand, I am a month or two from officially quitting my PhD (hence the ‘Dropout’), and 4 months away from my first ever one-way flight. My adventure starts with 10 weeks in SE Asia, and then a quick flight to New Zealand where I’m planning to really casually bump into a pretty cool guy who I met in Buenos Aires last summer.

Follow my ramblings, my photos of travels, my preparations – especially entertaining will be my attempt to do this one-way indefinite trip with only hand luggage – and my (hopefully occasionally inspiring) stories from the road. Once I actually get on it.