The Wandering Dropout

After trying really hard to find something useful to be good at, it looks like my calling in life is to travel and eat



The Tree Takeover: Angkor Wat

Lemur Lunchbreak

“Hey dudes, I’m too hungover for this today. Instead of.. you know.. hanging around in trees and doing other lemur things should we just chill here..?”

“Sounds good man.”

“Ugh yea.. I just wanna let my tail hang loose for once..”

That is the exact conversation I imagined happening below me as I took this shot of 4 ring-tailed lemurs hanging out on a little scaffolding stoop below my feet.

It reminds me of that shot of workers on the empire state building stopping for lunch, albeit maybe a tiiiiny bit less epic 🙂


One Year of Wandering

I can’t quite believe it but I started my blog a whole year ago!

In some ways it feels so recent – I haven’t posted anywhere near as much as I planned to, so it kind of seems like the blog has been alive for less time than an entire 365 days.

But in another way, it seems like absolutely aaages ago that I first crafted my “about me” page with the plans to quit my PhD, and run away to New Zealand as the first big step of my life as a bit of a nomad. Continue reading “One Year of Wandering”

Lovely Lanterns, Hoi An Night Market

A little night market stall selling the beautiful handmade silk lanterns that adorn the streets and shops of the old city of Hoi An, Vietnam.

I somehow managed to resist buying myself a dozen, since I’d already gathered way too many belongings in NZ.

But one day I plan to go back and get a whole load of them to string up around my garden – they’ll provide the perfect lighting for hammock lounging  🙂

Georgetown wandering: the multi-cultural jewel of Penang

I spent the last couple of days wandering around Georgetown, popping into quirky little cafes and having way too many street-food-breaks. Although it was a whole lot quieter than I thought it would be, it’s a great place to explore and spend a couple of days, with a seriously mixed-up cultural heritage reflecting the long history of migration to Malaysia. Continue reading “Georgetown wandering: the multi-cultural jewel of Penang”

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