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Mountain climbing for dummies: Day 3 of Huayna Potosi

Read about the first 2 days leading up to this here and here – just to get an idea of how ill-prepared and unfit I was for day 3’s big climb.

All caught up? Please read on to find out if I made the summit..

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How to choose!?

Since I’m a bit stranded (in Madrid airport..) on my way over to Colombia I’ve been having a nostalgic little look at my fave photos of my previous trips, and came across this pic of some of the gorgeous leather bags on sale on the touristy street markets of La Paz.

I love leather, and I fell in love with all the patterns you found splashed across various bags in Bolivia. It honestly took me about 4 days of wandering to settle on the two I definitely wanted!

Oh, plus some oven mitts, a rug, two blankets, various little fabric bags, some baby clothes, a couple of hats..

This was just so cool – I camped out in the wilderness near Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where I got to learn about this amazing plant. It grows around a healthy tree, working its way up the trunk and developing this intricate lattice pattern as the branches coil their way around, until it eventually kills the original tree. The dead tree then rots and decomposes away – very quickly since there are a lot of bugs around here – and leaves just the parasitic shell, which is strong enough to stand on its own.

It was about a metre wide inside, and the branches were perfectly placed for easy peasy climbing. I reckon I made it to about 10m up before taking this picture – I started to hear rustling near my head and freaked out a bit at the very real prospect of startling a little colony of bats as they napped.

Mountain climbing for dummies: Day 2 of Huayna Potosi

To read up on the first day of my adventure/nightmare climbing Huayna Potosi, please start with this post here! All done? Please go on..

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Mountain climbing for dummies: Day 1 of Huayna Potosi

So there I was in La Paz – the highest capital city in the world – looking for an adventure to fill the couple of days I had before I needed to be in Santa Cruz. I’d done the salt flats, had spent about a week exploring La Paz and felt like I needed to do something big and different – something that I couldn’t do elsewhere.

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