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After trying really hard to find something useful to be good at, it looks like my calling in life is to travel and eat



Filandia: a hotbed of coffee and Willies

The colonial architecture of Filandia, a gorgeous wee town in the coffee region of Colombia, is stunning. Particularly since almost everything in this sleepy town is painted in vibrant colours and set against a backdrop of sparkling emerald hills. Continue reading “Filandia: a hotbed of coffee and Willies”


The Valle de Cocora: rolling hills and giant palms

April 2015: Birthdays and Bristol Love

Having decided to quit my PhD, I really needed some extra money – and something to keep me from going insane until I actually finished the work I was doing. So I got my first job in a cafe, and it was the most fun, beautiful place that I could imagine working.

Perched right on the Bristol waterfront, I got an (almost) daily swan-feeding, sunset-appreciating break from a job that I actually loved, however draining it was. And I got to look at the SS Great Britain everyday..


I also celebrated my birthday in style. Sitting on a sunny hilltop in Bristol, watching hot-air balloons float by, and drinking local cider with a bunch of friends – nothing can beat it really.

And I realised that getting a year older is not a remotely negative thing when you’ve got so many adventures planned for your new 25-year-old self!

This post is part of a series reminiscing about the past year – the one year of wandering I’ve done since starting my blog – during which I’ve flipped my life around a fair bit.

Read the original post here!

Chocolate Heaven in Queenstown

So we wandered past Koko Black on day 1 in Queenstown and I vowed to go back post-Marathon (..ok, half marathon..) and stuff myself silly.

In the end I opted for a kiddies tasting plate and it did not disappoint. Consisting of an incredible chocolate mousse, perfect chocolate ice-cream, and a choco bear just made for dipping into a fluffy (a babyccino to anyone not fluent in kiwi!) it was just divine, and such a brilliant post-run treat.

Discovering iced coffee, kiwi-style

Ok, so it might look like a weird lumpy hot chocolate but this, dear readers, is an iced coffee, kiwi-style. Possibly my favourite discovery so far: the kiwis take iced coffees – already one of my summer faves – to a whole new level. They add ice-cream as standard. It’s not even an option to just have, you know, a standard coffee over ice. Continue reading “Discovering iced coffee, kiwi-style”

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