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After trying really hard to find something useful to be good at, it looks like my calling in life is to travel and eat



August 2015: Back to Basics in Finland

In August I went off to stay at my gran’s summer cottage in the lake area of central Finland – two weeks of pure, unconnected, back-to-basics, good old fashioned living.

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May 2015: Time is Ticking

It seems like nothing much happened in May..

I just kept super busy trying to tie up all the loose ends of my old life – trying to get a paper published, presenting at a conference, handing work over to other students. And spent a lot of time wandering round a sunny Bristol trying to make the most of this gorgeous city – while also starting to get excited about the new life I was about to start!

I bought a brilliant map of New Zealand and marked exciting places on it.. Got busy buying bags and travelling gear, as well as a beautiful new leather diary that I still haven’t written in because I am waiting to be struck by something worthy of such nice paper. Sensible, right?

Oh, and a quick weekend trip to Finland for my cousins wedding; the most peaceful place ever, where for once I didn’t need to think about whether I was doing the right thing, or wake up thinking I might be a bit mad for quitting my PhD.

Overall, this was the month of the calm before the storm.. boring, but necessary!

This post is part of a series reminiscing about the past year – the one year of wandering I’ve done since starting my blog – during which I’ve flipped my life around a fair bit.

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Life on the Lake #6

Just… whaaaaaat!!

A ridiculously beautiful sunset that needs no words.

Except to say that it reminds me of The Lion King for some reason – must be a sunset going on there at some point!

5kg of happiness

A happy throwback to summer in Finland.

Waking up to the beautiful smell and sight of 5kg of strawberries, and knowing that in the heat of summer they wouldn’t last more than a few days. 

Which means that we had to get started right there and then.

Life on the Lake #5: Fir Tree Sunset

We took the boat over to the nearest shop – it’s a lot easier than driving on the roads that wrap around each of the lakes – to pick up some cold drinks for that evening’s sauna, and were rewarded with a beautiful setting sun peeking out from behind the fir trees on our return journey. Just gorgeous.

Life on the Lake #4: Fishing Time

A fishing boat lies on the reeds by the still lake, and just after I take the picture three men climb into the boat, rods in hands, and set off for an afternoon lazing under the warm August sun with a beer or six and minimal conversation.

Life on the Lake #4: Fishing time


Just as I was taking this picture, three men rocked up and climbed into the boat, off to pick up a net-full of delicious fresh fish. People here still dine on fish fresh from the lake that morning, with a side of gorgeous golden potatoes pulled from the ground that afternoon, and I love it.

Mushrooms of the Finnish forest

Life on the Lake #3: Gentle waves


For the first time in a good few days we had sunny blue skies and not a cloud in sight. Well, not a rain-cloud at least. We walked over to my step-grandad’s (weirdly, I’ve never had to think about what that relationship actually is before, as he’s been around my whole life!) cottage, and had a little paddle in his side of the lake, the sun drying us off quickly from the freezing water as we ran around avoiding the mosquitoes.

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