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After trying really hard to find something useful to be good at, it looks like my calling in life is to travel and eat



Awesome Colombian Music: Nuqui (Te Quiero Para Mi), by ChocQuibTown

Another perfect summer banger from this brilliant group from the Chocó region. Kick back and imagine you’re swinging in a hammock on Nuqui’s perfect Pacific coast, watching whale calves play and sea turtles hatch. Or just have a little boogie in your room, whatever floats your boat.


Awesome Colombian Music: Somos Dos, by Bomba Estéreo

Not only is this song by Bomba Estéreo amazingly catchy, with perfect chilled out, feel-good vibes, but the video is absolutely gorgeous. Filmed in Parque Tayrona, it’s a perfect example of why I fell in love with this part of Colombia  ❤

Come Teach With Me?


Many people on here talk about wanting to travel more long-term and really get to know somewhere.. To live abroad and have the chance to explore a new country.

A country with the most public holidays in the world..

Well here’s an idea!

I’m currently working as an English Teaching Fellow (essentially like an English assistant / co-teacher) on a Colombian government-run programme – and they’re recruiting for more people interested in starting either in January or on 10th September.

It’s decently paid, especially for South America where paid English teaching is more difficult to find, very well supported, and experience teaching English is appreciated but not absolutely necessary so it could be a good first experience for people.

So.. why not apply? It’s an incredible experience. Really tough at times, but so rewarding when you see something click behind eyes that have never believed that they might actually understand English.

Oh, and you’d be in Colombia, meaning that spending the infinite long weekends drinking piña coladas on tropical beaches, climbing mountains, tubing down rivers, or relaxing in hot springs is very much doable 🙂

I’ll leave you with some photos of things I’ve got up to while here:

Please feel free to message me for more personal insights and any advice! 

* A sneaky request: if you put me as the person who referred you (Maija Sequeira) then I get brownie points, which would be great as I want to work with them next year!

Tayrona: Helloooo Paradise

Imagine endless yellow-sanded beaches being lapped at by sparkling blue waves. Add some lush, green jungle rising from the sea to eventually end in the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountain range – the world’s closest-to-the-sea mountain range. Continue reading “Tayrona: Helloooo Paradise”

Santa Marta: The (Unpolished) Jewel of the Caribbean

So, everyone knows that Cartagena is beautiful. The old city is gorgeous. There is cool street art, great food, and a bazillion tourists milling around taking photos of colourful colonial houses dripping in climbing flowers for good reason.

But you know what? It’s definitely not my favourite stop along the Caribbean coastline of Colombia. That honour, without a doubt, goes to Santa Marta. Continue reading “Santa Marta: The (Unpolished) Jewel of the Caribbean”

Falling in Love with Colombia

This song is basically one big advert for Colombia, and it works on me every time.

If I’m having a dog day or feeling down, I just need to dance around my room to this song and I remember that I’m living in a ridiculously incredible, vibrant and beautiful country.

August 2015: Back to Basics in Finland

In August I went off to stay at my gran’s summer cottage in the lake area of central Finland – two weeks of pure, unconnected, back-to-basics, good old fashioned living.

Continue reading “August 2015: Back to Basics in Finland”

TEFL in Colombia: Expectations vs Reality

Picture teaching English in a public high school in Colombia. What do you imagine?

A tough, tiring and difficult morning’s work, for sure. But then?

Afternoons spent lying on Caribbean beaches..? Walks to school down remote Amazonian footpaths..? Cramming in some lesson planning before a night of passion-filled salsa..? Continue reading “TEFL in Colombia: Expectations vs Reality”

Turning 26

I turned 26 a couple of weeks ago so I reckon I can no longer even remotely plausibly call myself “early 20’s” anymore. Boo.

It feels like a much bigger change than the previous couple of birthdays did. Maybe because I’m in a headspace where I’m thinking about change more, and about growing up, and also because I’m a bit bored and on Facebook more than normal, so I start comparing myself to people around me. Continue reading “Turning 26”

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