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Throwback: Christchurch Botanic Gardens in Spring

The Botanic Gardens in Christchurch are world-renowned, and for good reason.

Since they were only a few minutes from my front door when I lived there, I headed over every couple of days to soak up some sunshine or enjoy a peaceful bit of time with my book or my bae. 

I loved how the gardens were bursting into life in an explosion of colour over the spring and summer that I spent exploring them.

So this post it just a bit of a throwback to that happy time – almost a year ago – with some pics of the gardens in spring-time:

wpid-imag4081.jpg wpid-imag4085.jpg wpid-imag4054.jpg wpid-imag4053.jpg  wpid-imag4006.jpgwpid-imag4052.jpg


August 2015: Back to Basics in Finland

In August I went off to stay at my gran’s summer cottage in the lake area of central Finland – two weeks of pure, unconnected, back-to-basics, good old fashioned living.

Continue reading “August 2015: Back to Basics in Finland”

Filandia: a hotbed of coffee and Willies

The colonial architecture of Filandia, a gorgeous wee town in the coffee region of Colombia, is stunning. Particularly since almost everything in this sleepy town is painted in vibrant colours and set against a backdrop of sparkling emerald hills. Continue reading “Filandia: a hotbed of coffee and Willies”

The Valle de Cocora: rolling hills and giant palms

The Tree Takeover: Angkor Wat

Lemur Lunchbreak

“Hey dudes, I’m too hungover for this today. Instead of.. you know.. hanging around in trees and doing other lemur things should we just chill here..?”

“Sounds good man.”

“Ugh yea.. I just wanna let my tail hang loose for once..”

That is the exact conversation I imagined happening below me as I took this shot of 4 ring-tailed lemurs hanging out on a little scaffolding stoop below my feet.

It reminds me of that shot of workers on the empire state building stopping for lunch, albeit maybe a tiiiiny bit less epic 🙂

Mountain climbing for dummies: Day 3 of Huayna Potosi

Read about the first 2 days leading up to this here and here – just to get an idea of how ill-prepared and unfit I was for day 3’s big climb.

All caught up? Please read on to find out if I made the summit..

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Hello Hobbiton!

So all the way back in January – it seems a lifetime ago now that I’m writing this in Colombia! – my Lord of the Rings (sorry.. I mean North Island..) tour continued with a wee trip to Hobbiton.

And it was magic. Continue reading “Hello Hobbiton!”

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